Art is my life, at a small age I always knew I was born to create, blend, and express. I personally hand paint and construct all of our designs. I  also really enjoy packaging all of the orders myself so that each one has a special note from us and are beautifully wrapped. :) My sister and I are a dynamic duo of Entrepreneurial woman power, and we will not stop the #Hustle. 


I'm the one you get when emails are sent to us. I love talking to our customers in helping them create and mold a unique digital design at request. I love shopping for deals at thrift stores, estate sales, and yard sales. Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel to experience our shopping adventures. My sister and I together having both business and art sense make the ultimate team on all aspects.

The Sisterswood was born after we discovered lasers online and through friends.   We have always liked crafting and creating unique items .  We engrave a many number of items and materials.  For example, natural materials such as rocks: beach pebbles, fabric: denim, leather, food: cake, pumpkins paper: cardstock and pre-adhesive labels, rubber: stamps and pre-made items such as locks, anodized aluminum pet tags, glasses and even shoes, wallets, and purses. We digitally design and construct  each item ourselves by hand. 
Our aim is to make the customers very happy by giving them a personalized handmade item that they themselves design.  We want them to own or gift a very special unique piece that in itself is art.  Our project as a company is to be known as a friendly, fun, creative avenue for people to flourish their creations.  What makes us unique is that we work together with the customer and we provide samples of their pieces before the final piece is completed, we want to make the process as easy and fun as possible for them.  We are a fun company to work with, we are easy communicating with, happy and very professional, and we really care about our customers.


We approach our work with a unique perspective that takes into account your needs and your individual designs.  

We have had an amazing response on our unique custom items and for our friendly customer service. 

Quality that's uniquely handmade in the OC by two friendly sisters that enjoy sharing their art.