Art is my life, at a small age I always knew I was born to create, blend, and express. I personally hand paint and construct all of our designs. I  also really enjoy packaging all of the orders myself so that each one has a special note from us and are beautifully wrapped. :) My sister and I are a dynamic duo of Entrepreneurial woman power, and we will not stop the #Hustle. 

Degree: Liberal Art


I'm the one you get when emails are sent to us. I love talking to our customers in helping them create and mold a unique digital design at request. I love shopping for deals at thrift stores, estate sales, and yard sales. Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel to experience our shopping adventures. My sister and I together having both business and art sense make the ultimate team on all aspects.

Degrees: Business, Marketing and Liberal Arts


     We are two sisters that have always loved crafting and upcycling clothing for ourselves.  Mom taught us this since we were little, and now as “starving” college students we had to come up with some creative clothing ideas for us to wear, combining vintage, thrift store and garage sale items with some new materials, such like paper, wood, fabric, plastic and yarn to create some cute jewelry items for ourselves as well.


      We have both always had a passion for art and became aware of new laser technology online and through some friends; so through the discovery of this amazing laser machines awakened our imagination and curiosity for custom items for ourselves, we started wearing some laser cut T-shirts and people in the streets when they saw us wearing them, they asked where they could purchase them, when we told them that we had designed and laser cut them ourselves they responded with, “Can you make me one?”; we then decided to start our new business adventure, The Sisterswood.  Named after our very first pair of wooden hoops and necklaces.


        One of our best achievements as new entrepreneurs has been being our own bosses, doing what we love from our home studio where we can be with our loving dog Scooby, doing college homework in between orders and spending time with our family.


     The other is the complete satisfaction of creating new items from scratch, from the idea in our head, to paper, to digital design, and finally to production, but the best part is getting it ready to ship out to our customers.  We love decorating the item with colorful tissue paper, a nice hand written note and also adding a little something so that the item feels like a special custom gift. This makes us so happy, especially when we hear back from them telling us how much they loved seeing their ideas come to life.


        We have overcome a few struggles as many other entrepreneurs have, for example, building our company from the ground up.  One was the balancing of attending college and running a new business.  Any of our free time was being spent on completing orders and creating new ideas for products, this included spending every minute, including weekends when our friends were out having a good time who wondered why we didn’t hang out with them as much, and had a hard time understanding why we had to work so much for a company that hadn’t made many sales yet.


        The other was getting customers to relate to us and our products, which was a fairly new concept in trying to get them to understand what the laser could do and what it could do for them.  Also, gaining the respect of other competitors and vendors as young Latinas in a mostly male dominated laser world was a challenge to conquer, especially when we decided to purchase our own laser machine and facing the financial reality of what it really takes to start our own home studio business.  We started by selling anything we owned that we believed wasn’t needed, we started going to sell items at art walks and many online stores, before starting our own website, which we built ourselves.  We were able to save enough to purchase the laser, but then it also came with many other bumps in the road.  Such as, needing space and a special air filter to be able to work inside the home and not in our back yard facing the elements, among many other challenges like finding the best prices and quality for materials.


     What we have learned from our entrepreneurial journey has been that all customers like being treated with respect.  Making our customers happy by giving them personalized attention in a quick response, listening to them and responding to their ideas and concerns with patience.


     Staying humble is important because you put yourself in the customer’s place, you just want to be treated with respect and feel that you are the most important customer.  Also, being humble and leaving our ego aside taught us that if we make a mistake that we can learn from it, there will be rough patches and people who might not support you or understand your journey, therefore we have learned to keep a positive attitude, smile and be thankful, this will get you through many ordeals.   


     To other entrepreneurs starting out your new business venture.  Be passionate about your business goals, enjoy the ride, stay true to your ideals and stay focused, there will be many hurdles to jump over so keep it at it, don’t give up, there will be many opportunities for greatness.